ALL AMERICAN Athletic Training Center


WE HAVE MOVED!! 32 E Kenton Lands Road in Erlanger, behind Airport Towing!!

Welcome to the ALL-AMERICAN Athletic Training Center.


No matter what your goals are, we are here to help you reach your potential. We use whatever tools needed to help you get bigger, faster and stronger. 

The Flexband is our premier piece of equipment.

Flexbands allow us to take the young athlete and increase strength without putting a barbell on their back.

The same principle applies to our female athletes or the older generation that wants to maintain a high level of physical activity.

We use flexbands in our strength training, speed training and flexibility programs, but we don't stop there.

Traditional strength programs are available, but we also apply power lifting principles and strongman training techniques to provide a well rounded athletic training regimen.

Our results-driven facility was built with one thing in mind – IMPROVING ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE!

We cater to serious athletes that are driven to reach their full athletic potential. Every square inch of our facility is dedicated to getting athletes stronger, faster and tougher.

There is no “fluff” or distractions at our gym!

You will not find any TV’s, juice bars, fancy locker rooms, air conditioning or “easy listening” music; what you will find is an incredibly motivating, intense atmosphere.


The All-AMERICAN Athletic Training Center is NOT a public gym and this is not a "social club". If you want to join us for training, be prepared to work!





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  • "I did a lot of work at All AACT in the off season and I improved my 40 yard dash up to a 4.4. In the first 5 games of the season I have 12 receptions and 7 touchdowns and curren..."
  • "I really enjoy the workout. A Mother of four boys who needs to stay in shape to keep up with them. The bands are a great thing for women who want to be physically fit without u..."
    Missy Pangallo
    PNP and Busy Mother of four